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میکروسنتر الکترونیک-فروش قطعات الکترونیکی
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ماژول های GSM , GPS , GPRS
ماژول های GSM , GPS , GPRS
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The STM32F7 discovery kit allows users to develop and share applications with the STM32F7 Series microcontrollers based on the ARM®Cortex®-M7 core.

The discovery kit enables a wide diversity of applications taking benefit from audio, multi- sensor support, graphics, security, video and high-speed connectivity features.

The Arduino™connectivity support provides unlimited expansion capabilities with a large choice of specialized add-on boards.

Key Features

    STM32F769NIH6 microcontroller featuring 2 Mbytes of Flash memory and 512+16+4 Kbytes of RAM, in BGA216 package
    On-board ST-LINK/V2-1 supporting USB reenumeration capability
    USB ST-LINK functions: virtual COM port, mass storage, debug port
    4" capacitive touch LCD display with MIPI® DSI connector (on STM32F769I-DISCO only)
    SAI audio codec
    Two audio line jacks, one for input and one for output
    Stereo speaker outputs
    Four ST MEMS microphones on DFSDM inputs
    Two SPDIF RCA input and output connectors
    Two push-buttons (user and reset)
    512-Mbit Quad-SPI Flash memory
    128-Mbit SDRAM
    Connector for microSD card
    Wi-Fi or Ext-EEP daughterboard connector
    USB OTG HS with Micro-AB connector
    Ethernet connector compliant with IEEE-802.3-2002
    Five power supply options:
        ST LINK/V2-1
        USB HS connector
        5 V from RJ45 (Power Over Ethernet)
        5 V from Arduino™or external connector
        USB charger
    Power Over Ethernet based on IEEE 802.3af (Powered Device, 48 V to 5 V, 3 W)
    Power supply output for external applications: 3.3 V or 5 V
    Arduino™Uno V3 connectors
    Comprehensive free software including a variety of examples, part of the STM32Cube package
    Supported by a wide choice of integrated development environments

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